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Welcome to SUF,
The Association for Swedish Education Abroad

SUF, The Association for Swedish Education Abroad is a professional organisation for Swedish schools abroad that
organises Swedish state-sponsored education abroad for more than 6 000 students.

SUF has more than 100 associated schools.

SUF is committed to give foreign schools support for counselling, training and networking all over the world.

SUF creates and develops good contacts with authorities responsible for the Swedish foreign education.


The association´s main objective

  • To give support, so that all those involved in Swedish education abroad will have conditions to give children and young people possibilities to achieve the best possible results.

This will be done through

  • Give support to all those working at Swedish schools and School associations abroad
  • Cooperate with the Department for Education to help adapting and improving laws and regulations to be better suited for Swedish education abroad.
  • Organise regular conferences and seminars for Swedish staff as well as board members to help keeping competence at the best possible level.
  • Produce written material to support and improve ways to use ICT.
  • Cooperate with departments and authorities responsible for Swedish education abroad
  • Create networks for all those involved in Swedish education abroad
  • Work closely together with all our members and monitoring their needs and ideas.



SUF – a nonprofit organisation 

SUF, an independent association, is an organisation working closely together with Swedish Schools and School Associations abroad offering Swedish education for about 6000 students supported by the Swedish Government.

Swedish education abroad  is produced in different varieties

  • Swedish Schools
    • From pre-school level up to 6th Form/HighSchool
  • Swedish Sections at national or international schools offering the Swedish language about 6h/w
  • Swedish as a complement to all those students being part of other national or international education
  • Distance Education
    • Many Swedish Schools abroad are offering regular education up to year 6 or 9. Some are also offering year 10-12. If needed, schools can offer Distance Education up to year 9 (Sofia Distans) and year 10-12 (Hermods). Distance Education can also be provided for single subjects.
  • European Schools (EU-schools)
    • About 10 schools in Europe are organised and supported by EU and are mainly taking students whose parents are working in local EU-administration. Swedish Sections can be found at two of these schools.

Our children are our future. It is their need to be both Swedish and International that SUF wants to meet through Swedish education abroad.

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Swedish Education can be found all over the world

Countries and places offering Swedish Education Abroad can be found through clicking the buttons on the map, or using the buttons to the right of each continent in the table

Full time schools http://www.utlandsundervisning.se/svenska-utlandsskolor/

Part time schools http://www.utlandsundervisning.se/kompletterande-svensk-undervisning/